We’re Sorry

We have taken our Minecraft server offline for the time being.

We were not seeing enough usage to keep it running currently. If there is a renewed interest, the server may be brought online again.

We’re sorry that we had to do this.
-The AlderiaCraft Admin Team

MCMMO and Latest Spigot API

Hi everyone,

Sorry for barely ever posting. It’s been a helluva couple of weeks, but now I’m settled into a work term and I’ll have evenings free. I intend on keeping everything up-to-date now and working on posting here more frequently.

So updates. The server now has the latest Spigot API (that’s a good thing). It should be running more efficiently, and with next-to-zero crashes.

The server is now running MCMMO. For anyone who doesn’t know that that is, they should check out the MCMMO Wiki. It’s a very satisfying plugin for Minecraft servers that pretty much validates every action the user does through an experience system. Fishing, Mining, farming, and many other in-game mechanics now have their own experience systems built into the chat. It’ll affect, for example, how quickly you can mine something, or the chance you’ll catch something rare from fishing.

When I administrated servers in the past, MCMMO was loved all around.  Now it’s a paid plugin that the developers appear to take quite seriously, so I believe that it will be kept highly functional, even between updates.

Well that’s all I have for now! I’m going to be much more active. Hope to see you try our new plugin!


Happy crafting,


Additions and Updates!

This website has been in development for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been working on getting a decent amount of content up, as well as setting theme things, and working through WordPress to make it as visually appealing (read:
aesthetic) as possible. I think we’ve hit the sweet spot for all of those things, and now we have the opportunity to fill it with content.

New pages are Join Our Server, and About Us.

Join Our Server gives information regarding how to connect to AlderiaCraft and how to connect to the Discord server.

The About Us page gives a description of our goal in running a server, as well has the hardware the server is running on.

We intend on keeping the Home page the same. That will be the place for blog posts and announcements, instead of having a separate page for that.

We look forward to seeing you online!


Welcome to AlderiaCraft!

Hello, and welcome to AlderiaCraft!

The IP of our server is public.alderiacraft.com.

We are a small, community based survival server filled with many kind people. Our moderators and administrators are courteous, fair, and approachable individuals dedicated to making your time on here as enjoyable as possible.

This website is still deep in development, so bear with us while we fill this with content!

Please pay us a visit some time!